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Das Kind in der Schachtel

The child in the box

Producer: Nikolaus Geyrhalter Film
Financing: Austrian production
Year: 2013
Grant amount: € 64.800
Category: Dokumentarfilm
Genre: documentary
Director: Gloria Dürnberger
Writer: Gloria Dürnberger
Cinematographer: Leena Koppe
Key cast: Margarete Dürnberger, Gloria Dürnberger, Evelin Höller, Helmut Höller, Johannes Pletzer, Rainer Höller, Bettina Höller
Locations: Vienna, Lower Austria, Berlin, Rome
Release (AT): 09.05.2014

The story of a mother who develops symptoms of schizophrenia shortly before her child is born. And the story of a child taken in by a foster family, though she does not know for how long. Thirty years later the child, now an adult, assumes responsibility for the woman who calls herself her mother. How is a person connected, if at all, to an individual she has never spent more than two hours at a time with, with whom she doesn’t even appear in a photograph?

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