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The Visit

The Visit

Producer: Nikolaus Geyrhalter Film
Financing: Minoritarian coproduction
Co-Producer: Magic Hour Films (DK), Venom Films (IE), Mouka Filmi (FIN), Indie Film (NO)
Year: 2013
Grant amount: € 67.000
Category: Dokumentarfilm
Genre: documentary
Director: Michael Madsen
Writer: Michael Madsen
Cinematographer: Heikki Färm
Locations: Vienna, Lower Austria, London, Kopenhagen, Freiburg, Straßbourg, USA
Release (AT): 9.10.2015

The Visit is a documentary with comedy elements, and a philosophical exploration of our fear of strangers through the ultimate threat to our self-image: The discovery of Alien Intelligent Life.
In Vienna lies the UN-city, with its late 1970’s architecture and its extra-territorial status not unlike a giant spacecraft that has landed in the middle of the civilized world. Inside this impressive institution representing our belief in humanity, resides the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs – the OOSA.
The Visit opens with a close-up of an animal. It instinctively reacts to something unknown. Inside the OOSA, a phone rings. Deputy Director-General, astro-physicist, Dr. Mazlan Othman, is informed that an alien has arrived...

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