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Schubert und Ich

Schubert's Ghost

Producer: Prisma Film
Financing: Majoritarian coproduction
Co-Producer: Hugofilm Productions (CH)
Year: 2013
Grant amount: € 62.900
Category: Dokumentarfilm
Genre: documentary
Director: Bruno Moll
Writer: Bruno Moll
Cinematographer: Christian Haake
Key cast: Marino Formenti, Johann Hauf, Vedran Nedelkovski, Heinz Rögl, Ahmed Yousif, Julia Zdarsky
Locations: Vienna
Release (AT): 30.05.2014

We confront our protagonists with Schubert's songs and want to fathom their attitude towards life.
The song content may correspond to a current life Situation or express a desired state.
Schubert's Ghost also becomes a film about the mysterious energy of music.
The audience experiences an exciting and contemporary engagement with the wonderful songs of Schubert and witnesses these extraordinary creative encounters. These are not about the elaboration of a stage-setting performance of the songs, but rather about their development history. The emotionality of this process will be contagious to the audience.

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