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Die Trapp Familie - Ein Leben für die Musik

The von Trapp Family: A Life of Music

Producer: Concorde Media
Financing: Service production
Co-Producer: Tele München (DE), Gate Film (DE), Clasart Film (DE)
Year: 2015
Grant amount: € 200.000
Category: Spielfilm
Genre: drama
Director: Ben Verbong
Writer: Christoph Silber
Cinematographer: Jan Fehse
Key cast: Eliza Bennett, Matthew Macfadyen, Rosemary Harris, Lauryn Canny, Yvonne Catterfeld, Cornelius Obonya, Robert Seeliger, Annette Dasch, Johannes Nussbaum, Cosima Shaw, Bettina Mittendorfer
Locations: Salzburg, Bavaria, Vermont
Release (AT): 13.11.2015

After the tragic death of her mother, Agathe assumes responsibility for her six siblings and their father Georg. When, some years later, Georg hires the ex-novice Maria to look after the children, Agathe feels sidelined. This is made all the worse by the love that blossoms between Georg and Maria.
Agathe is left distraught at the thought of her mother’s memory being forgotten. Seemingly isolated she turns to her childhood friend Sigi, the only person that truly understands her.
It is music that brings the family back together: Agathe, despite swearing never to sing again after the death of her mother, finds her way back to music thanks to the encouragement of Sigi. Maria and Agathe have to work together to persuade a deeply traditional Georg of the possibilities available to the family as a singing group. Little can anyone know that music will ultimately be their salvation.
When the unification of Germany and Austria brings Nazi rule, everything Agathe holds dear is threatened...

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