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Erik & Erika

Erik & Erika

Producer: Lotus Film
Financing: Majoritarian coproduction
Co-Producer: Zeitsprung Pictures (DE)
Year: 2016
Grant amount: € 540.000
Category: Spielfilm
Genre: drama, coming of age
Director: Reinhold Bilgeri
Writer: Dirk Kämper
Cinematographer: Carsten Thiele
Key cast: Markus Freistätter, Birgit Melcher, Gerhard Liebmann, Anna Posch, Lili Epply, Philipp Doboczky, Marianne Sägebracht
Locations: Vienna, Carinthia, Tyrol
Release (AT): 02.03.2018

Erika Schinegger (* 1948) has always been something special. The story of a farmer's daughter, who drives to glory and honor on skies, delights the whole country in the 1960s. However, with the introduction of the "sex test" in skiing, she and the ÖSV are scandalized: Erika is genetically a man. Nobody had expected that. Born intersex, Erika was prematurely declared as a girl at birth - a mistake that weighed heavily on her for the next 19 years. All participants are overwhelmed by the discovery: the ÖSV pushes for a operation to a woman, the parents can not stop and hardly understand, Erik(a) is on her own. Acclaimed as Erika, repudiated as Erik and accused of fraud.

The film Erik & Erika will stage all stations of this amazing biography for the audience. Life still writes the best stories.

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