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We are the village

Producer: Amour Fou Vienna
Financing: Minoritarian coproduction
Co-Producer: CORSO Film- und Fernsehproduktion (DE)
Year: 2017
Grant amount: € 35.000
Category: Dokumentarfilm
Genre: documentary
Director: Gesa Hollerbach
Writer: Gesa Hollerbach
Cinematographer: Jennifer Günther
Locations: Lower Austria, Vienna, Germany

Wir sind das Dorf is investigating social questions raised by structural changes in the countryside of Austria and Germany. The film
portrays four people with completely different backgrounds - in personal stories. However, they are united by an imperturbable love
for their soil and the courage to explore unknown terrain. Their destinies not only give us an insight into the diverse political and economic context of rural life, but also reflect in humorous and sometimes highly dramatic ways, what can be opposed to the decline of the village.

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