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Producer: Film AG
Financing: Minoritarian coproduction
Co-Producer: augenschein Filmproduktion GmbH (DE)
Year: 2017
Grant amount: € 120.000
Category: Spielfilm
Genre: action movie/thriller
Director: Patrick Vollrath
Writer: Patrick Vollrath
Cinematographer: Sebastian Thaler
Key cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Carlo Kitzlinger, Aylin Tezel, Omid Memar
Locations: Vienna, Cologne
Release (AT): 10.01.2020

The number combination 7500 is the international air travel emergency code for a plane hijacking.

It’s business as usual in the cockpit of an Airbus A319 before its flight from Berlin to Paris. Co-pilot Tobias Ellis expertly goes through the routine flight preparations. The take-off is smooth.

Suddenly, screams can be heard from the cabin. A group of men, including 18-year-old Vedat, try to force their way into the cockpit.

A fight between crew and terrorists ensues, and a psychological struggle between saving individual lives and preventing even greater harm is under way. The cockpit door becomes a battle zone and Tobias finds himself in the position of having to decide between life and death.

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