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Waren einmal Revoluzzer

Once Were Rebels

Producer: Freibeuter Film
Financing: Austrian production
Year: 2017
Grant amount: € 360.000
Category: Spielfilm
Genre: comedy
Director: Johanna Moder
Writer: Johanna Moder
Cinematographer: Robert Oberrainer
Key cast: Manuel Rubey, Marcel Mohab, Julia Jentsch, Aenne Schwarz
Locations: Vienna, Lower Austria, Moscow
Release (AT): 28.08.2020

Once Were Rebels is the tale of two Austrian couples – modern, urbane, liberal people in their mid-30s – who have been friends for years; they decide to help a Russian man they have known since childhood escape to Austria. This young man has become involved in politics in his home country and is now in considerable difficulties. However, while the Austrians initially regard the whole thing as an adventure, it quickly comes to shake the very foundations of the friendships and relationships between them. Particularly because assistance of this sort can be defined in very different ways, but also because the man in need of help refuses to behave as the helpers want him to.

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