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Sprite Sisters - Vier zauberhafte Schwestern

Sprite Sisters - Four Enchanted Sisters

Producer: Dor Film
Financing: Minoritarian coproduction
Co-Producer: Blue Eyes Fiction (DE), Filmvergnügen (IT)
Year: 2018
Grant amount: € 269.000
Category: Spielfilm
Genre: adventure/fantasy
Director: Sven Unterwaldt
Writer: Ullrich Hortense
Cinematographer: Marcus Kanter
Key cast: Hedda Erlebach, Doris Schretzmayer, Gregor Bloeb, Leonore von Berg, Katja Riemann, Justus von Dohnányi, Lilith Julie Johna, Laila Padotzke
Locations: Lower Austria, Vienna, Germany, Belgium, Italy
Release (AT): 09.01.2020

The four sisters, Fleming, Marina, Flora and Sky, live on Cantrip Towers, a grand old manor house that is now a bit dated.

Besides arguing, the sisters are preparing for a casting to participate in the schools nationwide music competition. They appear as "Sprite Sisters", aim to win and represent their school at the finals.

When Sky, the youngest, wakes up on her ninth birthday, she realizes she can suddenly make things float in the air.
Her sisters are not impressed, because they got magical abilities on their ninth birthdays, too. But they keep it a secret, even their parents don't know about it. Each of the sisters commands an element.

With Sky they are now complete: fire, earth, water, air.

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