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An Impossible Project - The Revenge of Analogue

An Impossible Project - The Revenge of Analogue

Producer: Mischief Film
Financing: Minoritarian coproduction
Co-Producer: Instant Film (DE)
Year: 2018
Grant amount: € 40.000
Category: Dokumentarfilm
Genre: documentary
Director: Jens Meurer
Writer: Jens Meurer
Cinematographer: Torsten Lippstock, Bernd Fischer, Judith Benedikt
Key cast: Florian Kapsch
Locations: Vienna, Lower Austria, Berlin, Milano, Enschede, USA

We live in the digital age. A promised land: practical, convenient, functional. The future is digital and shines.
But is that true?
No, not everything is digital. The human, e.g. is and remains analogue, chemical, full of contradictions. We are emotional, unpredictable, imperfect - the opposite of digital. And that will not change either.

An Impossible Project tells the story of a Viennese biologist specializing in spider-eye musculature - Dr. Ing. Florian Kaps, worldwide known as Doc.
Ten years ago, he moved out to challenge the digital empire and create an alternative to digital world domination.
His storm against the algorithmic windmills began with the rescue of the last Polaroid factory and the consequent Impossible Project.
A project like David-against-Goliath, which is as insane as it is important in forbearance; which failed, and then, in the last second, miraculously, succeeded.

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